Black Bottom 6-Pack

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Package Includes

  • Six (6) Flop Balls
  • One (1) mesh bag
  • One (1) Flop Deck 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I ordered two sets of flop balls for on of my before and after school care programs and the kids have been going crazy over them. Not only that but Paul, who is AMAZING, sent me an extra one in my package. I leave it on my desk and it is the greatest fidget for those moments in between emails and meetings. 10/10 recommend for the kids, for the office, for the family, for EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE

Thanks for the very kind review Alexa. And welcome to movement! (pun intended)

Ed H
Trust me... you're gonna need more than 2 FlopBalls.

A perfect set, since it's inevitable that you'll end up giving away at least a few! Includes everything you need to get started!

kelly morris
The GO TO pack

this pack of Flopball sacks is perfect for people wanting to just start and get their friends and family involved or start collecting or even so you can leave a couple in the car and a couple at the office and still have a couple in the house, and that deck is the icing on the cake, with not only different tricks to learn but games as well to play with your friends. This is definitely a worthwhile pick up for kids to adults, experts for beginners