Wham-O's original Pluto Platter (Frisbee) Turns 65

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Wham-O's original Pluto Platter (Frisbee) Turns 65

Exactly 65 years ago today, January 13th, 1957, Wham-O novelty toy company began production of the Pluto Platter (later rebranded as the Frisbee), a plastic disc that is spun and flung between friends. Forever reminding the world that it's fun playing with things that spin.

Spinning things is a popular form of kinetic play - physically moving objects around our body in order to master tricks for the fun of it. It has a long rich history. For the first 10,000 years the spinning top was all the rage. Then the diabolo, or devil between two sticks, popped up from time to between the late renaissance and through the industrial revolution. Then the yoyo in the 40’s and then Wham-O,the Frisbee in the 50’s. There’s more to spin a fuller history of spinny things but I don’t want to make you dizzy.

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve had a curiosity for the power contained within spinning things. Whether spin is imparted with the pull of a string, flick of the wrist, or push of a finger, spinning objects demonstrate uncanny stability and balance while exhibiting a physical force similar to that of a magnet. An invisible power you can hold and feel. 

The spider flop continues the celebration and joy of things that spin. We innovated the standard handsack with tassels that swing out as the flop flips and flies, providing simple visual tracking for players to master the variations on spin.

So go ahead and pick up a spider flop, a yoyo, or whatever you have lying around the house and give it a spin. Pay attention to the energy it creates, be curious about the movements it makes, and surprise yourself with the tricks you can invent.

Flop On!

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