Holiday Shopping for All Types of Players

Before you shop this holiday season, think about how your friends and family play. Researcher and founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown identified 8 different play personalities. As you look at the descriptions, you’ll probably be able to recognize yourself and people you know. Don’t worry - you can have more than 1!

We think this can be enlightening and help with finding the right gift. To help illustrate, we’ve included the Floppable we think matches each play personality best.

Collector: Enjoys interesting collections of objects or experiences. 

Floppable: Boxed Velvet - it comes in its own special box!

Competitor: Likes games with rules because they play to win!

Floppable: Flop Ball Stackers - there’s always more you can stack

Creator: Wants to make things

Floppable: Color In Holiday Pack - first you color then you play

Director: Plans and executes scenes and events

Floppable: A 6-pack or 2 so they can create routines for family or friends

Explorer: Searches for new experiences physically, emotionally, or mentally

Floppable: Wellness Pack to explore mindful play

Joker: Loves clowning and foolishness

Floppable: “Oopsa Daisy” Flop Ball - dropping is just part of the fun

Kinesthete: Wants to move, but doesn’t need to compete

Floppable: Loops & lines - the range of motion is bigger

Storyteller: Creates and engages with imaginative stories

Floppable: “Read” Flop Ball - the open book & dragon just invite you into the story

Hope this helps make your shopping more playful this holiday season.

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