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Remember your old favorite sack? This are like that...but new and improved. 2 panel construction for easy tracking, super fine sand for broken-in feel right from the start, and not tags or loops to get in the way. 

4" x 1.5" x .5"

60 grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Myachi Replacement

Pulled the myachi out after years of not playing and realized there was a hole in it. So when looking for new ones I stumbled upon this website and decided to order a few. They work well and customer service is very nice and responsive.

Eivar J
Finally found "MYACHI'S" again!

Had Been SCOURING the internet for weeks before finally coming across this site. I was a fan of MYACHI'S when they came out and when they stopped selling i was heartbroken. I wasnt willing to get any of them off ebay so here i came. I ended up getting a free Round sack as well and i gotta say i enjoy it slightly more than the throwbacks. The circular design is a bit easier to maneuver. Great construction, doesnt get too dirty, and has a great feel. Ill absolutely be starting a collection via this site so keep the designs coming yall! and thank u for scratching an itch for finding these that ive had since i left HS! Awesome work!!

The Myachi 2.0!

This is a perfect replacement to old myachis, these are a bit heavier, grippier, more durable, and have a unique broken in floppy feel which many may enjoy. I also appreciate the adult look to these, but would love to see some more patterns and materials for the "Throwback" flop sacks. This is my go to, edc hand sack now and it is really durable, fun and has endless possibilities for play. Definitely check this out!

They’re pretty great.

The throwbacks are very clean and the material works very well with the hands. Slightly bigger than the other brands I currently have. Which is great for practicing new things and easy to help new people learn. Shout out Paul.

Perfect size!

Perfect pocket size, But not too small. This can sit in your pocket with most other items. All flop balls are extremely long lasting and resilient so why would this be any different! I only have one problem I shoulda bought more. Lol!