Flow Circus Flop Ball 5 Pack


The Original, Original Flop Ball

Before Flop Balls were a thing, we created a trial run of Flow Circus branded Hand Sacks. These are those sacks. The sack that changed everything!

All our Flop Balls are constructed with premium grade suede for maximum durability and great handfeel. These soft, inviting sacks are filled with a fine sand blend and finished with an invisible stitch so that every sack is aesthetically pleasing and plays just right. 

Flop Balls are the perfect anytime, anywhere flow toy, mindfulness tool, or group activity. Practice individual skill for leveling up your abilities, transition from one work activity to the next, or connect with friends and colleagues. 

Package Includes

  • Five (5) individually wrapped Flop Balls

Product Specifications

  • Shape: round
  • Diameter: 3 inches (76 mm)
  • Height:  3/4 inch (20 mm)
  • Weight: 2.8 oz (80 g)

Custom Flop Balls

Want a Custom Flop Ball for your business or event? We can customize with your choice of colors and printed logo! Great for promotions, tabling events, wellness weeks, or anytime you want to keep your company top of mind and back of hand.  

Programming with Flop Balls

Flow Circus provides organizations with experiential tools and trainings so that they can promote well-being, strengthen teams, and practice strategies to thrive in the messiness of learning growth and change. If you need a speaker, training, team building, or would like to energize your conference or gathering, contact us.

Safety Information

We take pride in our products and are committed to offering a safe, durable handsack that will be loved for a lifetime. Although our Flop Balls and Flopable product lines are designed for ages 8+, our products are lab tested for compliance with the US Consumer  Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) Child Safety Standards (ASTM f963-17) for children 3+.   

'Flop Ball', 'Flopables', and 'Flow Circus' are registered trademarks ® of Flow Circus, Inc. Wake Forest, NC. 27587. All rights reserved.


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