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Best Flippin' Fun for a Fiver

You might be skeptical of the Flop Ball, and rightfully so. Tossing and catching on the back of your hand is ludicrous. But maybe there's also a part of you that it might be challenging and fun, pleasing to hold, or good for keeping things put on your desk. 

A $5 Flop Ball for Your Best Friend

You. That's right, you get the exact same size, weight, and material as the original Flop Ball. The only difference is that your Flop Ball is also an elbow pillow. Rest assured you're still getting our very best. 

One More Thing

You don't know what color you're getting until it comes in the mail. That's right...no picksies on color. Why? Because sometimes the best things in life are things that you'd never have chosen for yourself.

How About Your Other Best Friends?

Hanging out with a couple of friends is great. Hanging out with a couple of friends & Flop Balls is even greater! That's why we've made it easy to gift a $5 Flop Ball to a friend. Just place an order below for yourself and add however many different addresses you'd like to send Flop Balls and we'll follow up to get the details. Best of all, you only pay $1 for each additional address. 

This offer is limited to our US customers only. Sorry rest of the world. :/

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